Tuesday, August 16th, 2022
90 + big round bales of hay on fire makes for a long day, night, day etc.
Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
District 3 responded to a report of a house fire Wednesday, December 28 at 11:23 p.m. on Valley Road. First unit on scene found fire on the first floor, spreading to the second floor and was able to ...
Friday, December 16th, 2016
Sort of a typical winter weather day for District 3. Muliple vehicle accidents resulting in closing US 69 several times so tow companies could recover vehicles, all thanks to the freezing drizzle.To t...
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
Barn fire in the Devon area. One tractor lost and some roof damage. The remaining two tractors, hay baler and a lot of other equipment received no damage. The fire was brought under control within 15 ...
Tuesday, September 20th, 2022
As of 10:30 on Tuesday September 20, 2022 the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution to enact a Ban on open burning in Bourbon County. The burn ban will remain in effect until lifted by the...
The Fort Scott TribuneTuesday, March 20, 2018Tammy HelmThe Bourbon County Commissioners on Tuesday signed a resolution that consolidates two volunteer fire departments.The resolution means there is no...
Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
Bourbon County Fire District 3 is accepting applications for the position of Firefighter / EMT. Application packets may be picked up at the Devon Fire Station at 1812 158 St., Fort Scott Ks., by calli...
Bourbon County Fire District 3 kicked off Fire Prevention Week by putting this "Don't Wait Check The Date" banner in front of West Bourbon Elementary. BC3FD received a mini grant from th...
Become a Volunteer

Bourbon County Fire District 3 Volunteers are just like you, they have busy lives and commitments to families, jobs, and many different activities. They also have a strong desire to help their community, friends, family, and neighbors in their time of need. We need more volunteers like them! 

Requirements for Membership Consideration:

  • Although it is suggested volunteers live within the response area of BC3FD applicants living outside our response area will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must possess a valid Kansas driver's license
  • Must consent to a driving history check.
  • Must consent to a criminal background check.

Procedure for Becoming a Member:

  • Submit your application to the Battalion Chief at the station you wish to respond with. You can follow the link titled "files" on the left side of this page, to download and print a copy of our application.
  • If the Battalion Chief approves your application, he/she will present it to the station members for approval.
  • If the station members approve your application, it will be presented for driving history and criminal background checks.
  • The application, driving history check and criminal background check will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Upon approval of the Board of Trustees you can begin your initial three-month probationary period with the department.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a valued member of our department. Following is some general information about what membership consists of, what you can expect from us, what we expect from you and what we will provide to you.

Becoming a member of BC3FD and remaining a member is a two-part process. Because we are a volunteer department you volunteer to apply, because we are a fire department everything else is mandatory.

BC3FD is a volunteer fire department and members serve without compensation. We hope that we will express our appreciation often but we do not have the budget to pay. Your primary reward will be the satisfaction of serving your community, and being a part of the overall vision of the Fire Service, "To Save Lives and Property". 

Due to the nature of firefighting and its potential for injury, a decision to become a firefighter in any department should not be taken lightly. To be accepted into membership of BC3FD, each new person will complete an application and sign a petition for membership. The application will be reviewed by the Battalion Chief for the station of which the application is filed and an informal interview will be conducted with the applicant. The Battalion Chief will then present the application to the governing Board of Trustees. The Board will direct a criminal background and driving history check and conduct an interview with the applicant. The Board will then make a final decision as to the applicant's acceptance into the department. 

Once accepted, new members will be placed on probationary status and provided with information as to Recruit Placement Training requirements. Necessary personal protective equipment will be issued as authorized activities would require. 

Department issued gear and equipment shall not be used for any non-department activities. When in uniform or at any time when identified (visually or otherwise) as a member of this department, each member is to conduct him/herself with the utmost of professionalism. This department also has a zero-tolerance policy in respect to drugs and /or alcohol. No member shall engage in any illegal, immoral, or other activity that would discredit this department. 

All personal protective equipment issued by the department is to be kept on a gear rack at the station unless approved otherwise by the Battalion Chief or District Chief. It is the responsibility of each member to keep their issued gear clean, including laundering when soiled. Washing facilities are provided at the Bronson, Uniontown and Devon stations. Gear must be laundered in warm water with liquid detergent only, and never ever bleached. Grass fire gear should be worn to all grass/brush fires. Turn-out gear (helmet, hood, coat, gloves, pants and boots) shall be worn to any other fire or incident where personal protection would be needed. For responses to medical emergencies, (other than Motor Vehicle Crashes), clean trousers and shirt, grass fire gear or turn-our gear, if clean and odor free, are acceptable. If possible, all members are encouraged to wear a t-shirt, polo, sweat shirt or hoody with department identification, to calls. Cut-offs, dirty clothing, or anything bearing offensive inscription, alcohol ads, etc., shall not be worn unless kept covered by department issued gear. 

New members start with a three/six/nine month probationary/evaluation period. Each new member should plan to spend at least 12 hours a month at the station, this allows them to learn about department activities, learn the essentials of the job, and gives a chance for the department to evaluate the member's commitment and abilities.

During the first month of this period, the new member must obtain the required on-line training in NIMS and ICS. These classes can be found at www.training.fema.gov. With command and control being of the utmost importance for providing for the safety of all members, an understanding of NIMS and ICS is necessary to know how you fit into the overall management picture.

New members are especially encouraged to practice donning personal protective equipment including self-contained breathing apparatus after trained. Remember, you ask to be a member and your commitment is being evaluated. 

During the first three months, a new member does not need to concern themselves with driving apparatus to any emergency. No member will drive any apparatus until such a time that all necessary training has been conducted and they are approved to do so by the Battalion Chief.

You must also gain CPR and First Aid certification. These classes will be offered to you in-house by AHA instructors in our department.

Each new member will be provided with a copy of the departments Standard Operational Guidelines and a schedule of department training.

Your application asks for some very specific health information. Your answers are kept confidential. Immunization records are required information as part of the application and records from your health care provider must accompany the application. If you do not have immunization records, the county health nurse may be able to assist you.

Once accepted, information will also be provided to you in respect to benefits provided by the department, such as: health and wellness benefits, workers compensation, tax breaks and incentives, accidental death and disability benefits, training and professional development, and rights and privileges of membership in the Fireman's Relief Association, Kansas State Firefighters Association and the Southeast Kansas Fire Chiefs Association. 

The initial probationary period can be as beneficial as a new member chooses to make it. Members are encouraged to be involved, be curious and be motivated. There is always work to be done, whether it is cleaning trucks, sweeping floors, or studying and practicing firefighter activities. 

Senior members understand the need for new members and they want to see you be successful and will assist you in any way they can, just ask.

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a member of our department.




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